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NaNoWriMo Days 10-15: Word sprinting with blinders on

We’re on to the third week of NaNoWriMo and I’m still behind. But I managed one word sprint and I’m catching up. Here are my current stats:

Words written November 10-15: 6881
Total words so far: 13510

Making it quick

I’ve been skipping daily updates so I could spend that time writing instead. But tonight I wanted to give just a quick update. You can see above I about doubled my total word count the second week.

I attempted my 10k word sprint on Monday. I got 3000 in, so not as long a sprint as I’d hoped but much better than I’d been doing.

This Sunday I planned to do another sprint, but it may be tomorrow instead! Snow is piling up and our activities for tomorrow have been cancelled. So after I’m done blowing all that white stuff away, I’ll “rest” with my computer. That’s my plan anyway. My goal will be 5k words tomorrow.

I’ll announce when I start on Discord if anyone is interested in sprinting with me.

I’m quiet, but supporting you!

I’ve been peeking at what everyone is posting but I haven’t been able to keep up commenting on the posts. I could spend all day reading the magnificent stories you are all writing.

Weekly Winners

The weekly winners will be announced tomorrow on Steemit and include days 8-14.

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