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Days 3-6 NaNoWriMo: Slow progress is better than no progress

The first week of NaNoWriMo is almost over. The past few days I’ve had to make the decision to write an update, or write my novel.

Clearly, novel won out.

So tonight I’m taking a few minutes to write a brief summary of where I’m at.

Words written November 3-6: 3742
Total words so far: 5270

I’m not on par with the daily goal of 1667 words, but I have written every day. I’ll call that a win.



Writing yesterday was the hardest so far. We’ve had a super busy few days where I relied on caffeine to keep me going. But as my drink of choice is cola, I don’t like doing it for long. So yesterday I cut back and by afternoon I crashed hard.

But I got in 607 words before giving into the sleep.

Time wasting and coming clean

If you’ve been following my journey you’ll know my intention was to write book 2 of a series I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I wrote most of book 1 in 2012 NaNoWriMo, and I used Camp NaNoWriMO this year to resurrect it and finish it up. I didn’t quite finish the whole thing during camp.

Going into this month, I planned on finishing up the last few chapters of book 1 and move straight into book 2.


In reviewing what I did at Camp I realized I’d missed some big parts. I had written in what I wanted to write, but I hadn’t actually written it all. So I started by filling in those gaps as I found them – again.

I’m ok with doing this though it feels like I’m wasting time when I look for the spots that need writing. And I find I get hung up on things because I’m not sure I have the timing all sorted yet for the events.

I realize these are things I can fix later, so I’m just pushing through as much as possible and writing as much as I can. But it is making me insecure about my plot and that inner critic keeps telling me it can’t be fixed. Or that I need to do it now rather than later.

But it will happen later, for now is the time for writing! (imagine an amazon warrior holding her sword up to charge into battle – except I have a keyboard and no sword. My sweatpants aren’t quite Amazon gear either…oh well, it’s a great image anyway!)


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